Latest Yahoo Dating Format | Dating Format For Man And Woman

Yahoo Dating Format For Man And Woman To Avoid 

My years and experience with online scams and any yahoo dating format that people used in scamming or ripping off someone's hard earned money is what I'm going to share with you to avoid been a victim.

The dating format is one of the top and most used methods to scam people online, firstly they get you emotional with the new dating format, makes you believe in them, then scam you of your money.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Using A Dating Scam Format On You?

Dating format
Dating Format 

Many questions like this are asked on a daily basis to avoid falling a victim of the so called Yahoo boys, Now a friend of mine who got scammed asked me " how do you recognize a scammer?

Now the answer to that question is simple, you can't recognize a scammer if you are easily moved by materialistic things in life, things like money, accessories, cloths and much more.

Now I'm hoping you would be glad if I share with you the dating format for woman that was used on my friend but it's the old way:

Old And Working Dating Format For Woman 

A scammer / yahoo guy chatted my friend up on facebook whose name is Cynthia from Nigeria and a lady of 24yrs old, they started by introducing themselves and their conversation can be read below:

Preview Chat Of The Dating Scam Format Text Used On Her

• Guy: hello good morning, how are you? 
• Cynthia: fine and you? 
• Guy: good, am Ifeanyi ubah from IMO state and am living in the United states may I know you? 
• Cynthia: am cynthia from anambra, am also a student of IMSU (imo state university).
• Guy: wow cynthia nice to meet you, am coming back to Nigeria this weekend and i will love it, if we became friends.
• Cynthia: sure we can be friends.
• Guy: thank you so much, since we are now friends i will love to share my little secrets with you.
• Cynthia: secrets? 
• Guy: I married a girl in the states to obtain my citizenship but her behavior and attitude is what I can no longer tolerate, 

Her insults and abusive words hurt's me everyday, so I am plan coming back to Nigeria to get married to a well trained girl like you.
• Cynthia: wow, that will be a good idea
• Guy: are you married? 
• Cynthia: No am not, why asking? 
• Guy: you are the type of girl that I would love to get married to and spend the rest of my life with, once am back i will come and see you ok. Can I have your number? 
• Cynthia: ok, 081*****99
•Guy: i will take the next flight coming to Nigeria tomorrow morning because I can't wait to see your beautiful face. 
• Cynthia:.ok

That was the first scam date format used by the unknown guy to get to my friend, first was introduction, getting to know her and make her feel emotionally for him.. 

But apart from that he uses the No1 dating format tip to catch the attention of the girl by telling her the lie that she needed to hear " i am from the United States " and " looking for a girl to get married"

Next tomorrow morning the Guy chatted Cynthia up and told her that he wanted to take the next flight coming to Nigeria but an emergency came up and he bought her some gift's which are some laptops and smartphone with a 100$ cash gift inside...that once it arrives let her know.

1 hour later Cynthia phone rang and she picked and it was a male voice here are his exact words : hello Cynthia am Frank and am in Abuja i recieved your waybill items from USA and all i need is for you to give a signature, where are you? 

• Cynthia : am in imo state right now, so how do i get to sign it? 

• Delivery Guy: ok you Will have to pay 20k for it to be delivered straight to your doorstep..

Quickly cynthia calls up the United States guy to narrate everything the delivery guy told him and the guy said: you can go ahead and send them the money once it arrives you can exchange the 100$ inside.... 

To cut the story short Cynthia was scammed of 50k in quest for getting a Laptop worth 150k and phones Worth 100k with a 100$.cash gift.....  

This dating format scam is old but can be used to scam someone online.


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