Airtel Cash Loan Nigeria | Code And How To Apply

Airtel Cash Loan Review offers instant airtel cash loan in Nigeria for airtel user's through mobile money.

About Airtel Loan 

The Smart airtel Loan is a micro lending product offered by Aledin Nano Limited in partnership with Airtel and central bank of Nigeria leveraging on the mobile money platform called Airtel Money.

MTN Cash Loan 
Fidelity Bank Loan 
Ecobank Loan Code 

The Smart airtel Loan Product helps you to get loans at your fingertips without collateral at affordable interest rates with a speed of disbursal of not more than 60 minutes from the time of request.

To qualify for airtel Smart Loan, you need to be an Airtel and Mobile Money customer and have the following criteria:

• You must be Above the age of 18

• You must have registered as an Airtel Customer for 90+ days

• Have an active Mobile Money Account

• Have NO outstanding loan with ALEDIN at the time of application

• Have NO historic negative payment behavior with ALEDIN.

Benefits Of Becoming An Airtel Mobile Money User?

1. You can buy Airtime/Data/Voice bundles for yourself, friends and family anytime

2. Pay for goods and services like Electricity, Water, Pay TV, Solar Energy monthly payment and Other Services

3. Send money to and withdraw money from your bank account

4. Send money from your Airtel Money account to other Airtel money customers

5. Receive money on your Airtel Money account from friends and family

6. Withdraw cash from your Airtel money account

7. Use your mobile phone to check your bank balance and request for mini bank statement

8. Borrow and save your E-money

9. Save money through Cooperative Groups.

How To Apply For Airtel Loan With Code 

Getting a loan has never been easer. Airtel Smart Loans can be gotten as easy as dailing *903#

To get Smart Airtel Loans simply dial loan code *903# and choose Smart Loan from the given menu and enter your Mobile Money pin.

Choose whether you want to take a loan, repay it or know more about Smart Loan.

To take a loan, choose the loan amount you need, 

choose in how many days you would like to repay the loan, 

confirm the loan, agree to the terms and conditions, 

wait for your loan to be confirmed and your loan amount will be instantly deposited in your Mobile Money account.

How Much Loan Can You Borrow From Airtel Cash Loan 

You can only have one active loan at a time, but once your loan has been paid, you can automatically qualify for another loan 

Possibly even a higher amount too depending on if you pay back on time whenever you take a loan.

Airtel Cash Loan Interest Rates 

There is an interest rate of 1% charged daily on airtel loan. The full repayment is automatically taken from your Mobile Money on your due date.

Loans are typically for either 7, 14, 21 or 30 days, with a single payment at the end of the term that you choose.

How To Access Airtel Loan Through Kwikmoney 

Kwikcash network has been offering loans to thousands of people searching for easy loans without colleatral both MTN, Airtel, 9mobile/Etisalat and Finally Airtel.

To get an instant Kwikcash airtel loan code kindly visit their website

How To Apply For Airtel Loan Easily Via Code 

To get started visit your phone ussd and dial the airtel quick cash loan code *903#, then follow the prompts

• Press 3 to select Get loans by airtel

• Press 2 and select smart credit

• Then enter your airtel mobile pin and select the loan amount you want to borrow. 


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